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Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14 is so romantic day, Valentine’s Day. I love this day myself very mush as on this day we could share our deepest and warmest feelings with people we’re in love, with our sweethearts and we could also declare our feelings to those we love and want to be with. And for sure, this special day couldn’t be without erotic and romantic sex. So, don’t miss a chance to have a great fun and make this day full of hot sex.
I also plan to spend this day having a lot of long-lasting and romantic sex. There’re a lot of ideas how to make your sex unforgettable, tender and in the same time hot and passionate on Valentine’s Day. Scatter a lot of rose petals in the room and all over the bed with silk linen, put candles around the room and bring the glasses of champagne to make the atmosphere relaxed and sexy. I’ve also prepared for this special day and bought an erotic suit with sexy pink lingerie and small white wings for my back. I look just gorgeous and seducing in that suit and my pink high-heeled shoes. I’m a real little Cupid who is going to write a lot of Valentine’s cards and seduce my fans, making them very hot and hard today.
Imagine how you take this little pink angel and bring to this bed in rose petals. Slowly music is playing, it’s dark, only a lot of different candles are burning around the room and it makes the atmosphere so mysterious and erotic at the same time. You could do with your sexy Cupid everything you want and all your secret wishes could come true as so fantastic and beautiful girl lies near you. Open your heart and fantasy and let’s make this day sexy and funny together.
I wish Cupid knocks the door of your heart and shoots it with love and passion, and of course, brings a lot of great sex and erotic experience.

I send my greatest love and hugs to all my fans.
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Yours hotwife Gina Monelli

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