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Special photos for my site members

I give special presents for my site subscribers. If you’re a member of my site, write me e-mail and I’ll take special photo for you.

It’d be a photo where I’m naked with a sheet of paper with your name or a phrase you want. I can be in the position you would like. If you send me the photos of your cock I can take a photo with your cock background. I can print the photos of your cock and hold that printed picture. Or image of your cock would be at my laptop monitor. And I would take a photo near the laptop monitor. See the pictures which I already made for several members of my site. I can take such photos for you also. If you want it, send to my e-mail monelligina@gmail.com your username members area of my site.

And you would receive an exclusive photo from me with your name or at your cock background.


Gina Monelli

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